The Meaning Of Hashtag

What Is The Meaning Of Hashtag

An Introduction

Human contact with other people, whether they are his family, relatives, friends, is very important in his life is thus reassuring them and know their latest news, and means of communication with people multiple and constantly evolving, in ancient times people were communicating through the pigeon pigeon, and handwritten messages.

And then evolved into paper mail, and then appeared the phone that allowed man to hear the voice of the person who wants to communicate with him, but nowadays has appeared the Web, the Internet that captured the entire world and turned it into a small village, so that communication with others without any limits Or barriers or restrictions, and was able to Geographical boundaries are spilled and the problem of distance is often eliminated.

Social Media

Nowadays we have seen the emergence of so-called social networking sites that worked to bring the distance away and allowed us to communicate with others no matter how far away from us, these sites are a website that was created on the Internet to allow us to communicate with others with ease, through conversation Some of these sites allowed us to chat with others directly by voice and video, and the most famous examples of social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Skype.


We have recently noticed the spread of the so-called hashtag on many social networking sites, especially Twitter and Facebook, and many people wonder about the hashtag, and do not know what it is. A hashtag is a hashtag that is used to categorize tweets or news stories with a single subject, so that they can be read by followers of these changes or news or by non-followers, and always start with a # sign.

The importance of hashtag

Hashtag is of great importance in social networking sites, and its benefits include:

  • It has great importance in organizing and arranging information.
  • Filtering and categorizing data within titles reflecting their nature and specialization.
  • At the Twitter site when you do a search the priority is hashtag.
  • The hashtag contributes to increasing the number of followers of a particular tweet or news.

Hashtag properties

The hashtag has several characteristics to consider when creating any hashtag.

  • That the hashtag is not established before.
  • The name of the hashtag should be as short as possible so as not to take as many characters as the tweets of the participants.
  • The title chosen for the hashtag should be as reflective of its subject as possible, so that anyone can know its subject from just looking at the title.