Homemade Pool Cover Reel System

Homemade Pool Cover Reel System

Leisure is an important commodity in the hustling and bustling life of a modern man. Needless to mention, pools of any kind, whether the large community swimming pool or the small one in the backyard space; are an integral part of your leisure. Nothing can beat the fun and frolic that a pool can provide.

Multiple and exhaustive researches have been done in order to answer the most asked question: “how to make your own solar cover reel?” However before we delve deep into finding the answer to this particular question, we must first understand a few elementary things about pool cover and their respective reels.

A Brief Understanding of Pool Cover and Their Uses

The name pool cover is self-descriptive which means any kind of protection used to shelter the pool as a whole can be deemed as a pool cover. While now we are able to comprehend what is meant by a pool cover, we should definitely understand the primary use of pool covers as well.

Since pools are essentially comprised of water as its primary component, therefore these water bodies are covered mainly because of three reasons:

Maintaining Temperature

We are all well aware of the fact that maintaining the temperature of the water can be a bit tricky and thus be quite a burden on the pockets.

Both of these problems can be easily solved by the use of a simple pool cover. In fact, several surveys have proven that regular use of a pool cover can perpetually increase the water temperature of the pool by about 11 degrees Celsius or 18 degrees Fahrenheit approximately.

Keeping the water clean for outdoor pools

Pool cleaning is quite a tedious task. Sieving off dry leaves and dead insects from the water surface of the pool is both time consuming and annoying. The freedom from such annoying tasks can be easily obtained by covering the pool with a pool cover. Moreover, covers also prevent accumulating external dirt or dust in the water thus helping to keep it clean.

Reducing the usage of chemicals 

It is no secret that the main ingredient of pool maintenance is the heavy use of chemicals like chlorine. They are used primarily to keep the water of the pool fresh and healthy. Usage of such chemicals is greatly lessened with the aid of pool covers

Pool Cover Reel: A short summary

Up to this point in the article, the reader has been well articulated the meaning and use of pool covers. However, they have not been well acquainted with the ways in which a physical pool cover is used. This section provides a quick understanding of how a pool covered be made to cover the whole pool.

The use of reels comes in quite effective while covering any pool. The cover sheet (vinyl, plastic, bubble wrap, etc.) is wrapped on a rod. This rod, in turn, is attached to a wheel with a handle. This whole arrangement is integrated nearby to the pool location for ease of use.

The functioning of a pool cover reel

A pool cover reel can work in two ways: manual and automatic.

Manual Pool Cover Reel

The working process of this kind of reel needs manual intervention. As described in the previous section, the handle attached to the wheel needs to operate manually in order to roll in or roll out the sheet to and from the pool.

Automatic Pool Cover Reel

As suggested by the name itself this cover reel operated with the aid of any machines and needs no manual intervention. The handle adjoined to the wheel is attached with a mechanical motor that helps to roll out or roll in the pool cover sheet for the pool.

DIY (do it yourself pool) cover reel VS Ready-Made Pool Cover Reel

As we are in discussion about the variety of pool cover reels, the basic debate always comes in being, which one pool cover reels are better. A short discussion on the pros and cons of both these products would provide a better insight.

DIY also is known as do it yourself pool cover reel


  • These cover reels would be budget-friendly
  • These reels can be customized exactly to suit the needs on an individual level thus providing the maximum level of satisfaction


  • Good knowledge of product assembly is required; else, the result can be disastrous.
  • Since they are homemade, true craftsmanship will be missing that might take a toll on the durability

Ready-Made Pool Cover Reel


  • Since they are manufactured on an industrial level, the look and finish would be unparalleled
  • The product would be sturdy and durable thus making it last for a longer time


  • They might not be the cheapest option and can be a bit expensive
  • As they are manufactured in mass quantities, exactly customized copy to suit the individual needs might be a bit difficult to get

Process of assembling a DIY Pool Cover Reel

Since we are discussing primarily the DIY Pool Cover Reel, it is imperative that the process of assembling it is discussed in brief. Preparing a pool cover reel can be quite a simple task.

The key components include

  • Wheel – depending on the size of the pool or cover
  • Handle – depending on the number or size of the wheel
  • Metal Rod – depending on the pool size or cover measurements
  • Heavy-Duty Straps – depending on cover or pool measure
  • Structural bases
  • Screws
  • Miscellaneous items of your toolbox


  • Fix the structural bases firmly on the ground with the aid of brackets or use of reinforced cementing
  • On the bases, mount the wheels with the aid of screws
  • Once the wheels are mounted, place and fix the rod on the wheel axle, so that it can be rotated on its axis
  • Attach the cover to the metal tube with the aid of screws and heavy-duty straps
  • Fix the handles on the wheel for easy rotation


The above procedure described a pool reel that is fixed at a single place. Some variations include movable ones, where the structural bases are equipped with wheels so that cover reel can be moved from one place to another. Such a facility helps in easy storage and long-lasting cover.

Other variations include safety cover reels where the straps are replaced by springs or bungee cords that are usually hooked. Such features help to prevent accidents when the pool is not in use and maintain proper safety measures in the pool area.

There can be variants of the cover types itself. Examples include vinyl, bubble wraps, solar, floating disks, etc. Each cover type fulfills a different purpose; for example heavy as well as solid ones used to provide resistance against wind. Opaque ones are used to preventing algae growth as well as to prevent UV rays. Many other types exist to suit different purposes

Quick Buying Tips

Whether you are buying a readymade pool reel making it all by yourself at home, some basic points fit in for both the categories:

The material of the product

The material of the reel is the primary feature that is considered while getting one. Whether a body is made of aluminum or steel is totally up to the kind of use the reels will be.


Durability is another feature that dictates the process of getting a pool cover reel. It is just a continuation of the material section, wherein the most durable one would be chosen for building a pool cover reel

Know the rules

Certain areas have their own local rules related to pool and pool covers. Before, getting a reel to make sure all the rules are followed word by word. This practice would prevent any kind of hassles with law enforcement parties


Another important feature, that helps as a deciding factor is the ability for customization. It is without a doubt that the products that are more customizable tend to attract potential buyers more

Ease of use

All the above features would tend to fail if the actual functioning process is not easy. Therefore, identifying products that provide ease of use should be a higher priority than the other ones

Maintenance materials

The machinery of any kind needs proper maintenance. Since maintenance needs materials, therefore choosing products that require sophisticated maintenance materials that are not readily available is a big no.


In this extensive article, we have covered various contexts related to pool covers and their reels. By this time it would have been easily understood that the above excerpt is just a guideline. However, individual research must always be conducted before getting any kind of pool cover reels.

A well-conducted research and its finding would not only help a single buyer but also would serve as just pointers for other buyers, who are your contacts. It would be all the more helpful if such firsthand researches are uploaded in the form of blogs or content for other buyers all over the world.